From design development and merchandising, through sales and customer service, ABS is committed to excellence at all levels of the company. Specifically, we are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients and the consumers who purchase our products. We develop innovative solutions to meet their needs while providing fashion forward, high quality, and reliable services.
Working at ABS requires commitment, energy, flexibility and creativity. We offer a variety of career opportunities at all levels and areas from design to logistics, merchandising to quality control and IT to administration.
ABS is a constantly growing and seeking individuals that are passionate and innovative. Please send us a copy of your resume if you do not see any current openings that are compatible with your skills and experience. Please email us your resume at

Current Job Openings

  • Shanghai. ChinaForeign trade salesman
    Job responsibilities

    1. export business, customer development and daily operation.
    2. good communication and coordination ability, emergencies responding capability.
    3. choose suppliers, offer quotations and receive orders as required.
    4. communication with customers, factories and related business to ensure timely delivery of desired products.


    1. over 2 years experience in textile industry with European and American countries.
    2. bachelor degree or above,25 years old or above with CET-6 license.
    3. familiar with textile export process with 2 years of order supervisor experience.
    4. a good personal image with strong communication skills and fluent English.

  • Shanghai. ChinaAmazon operator
    Job responsibilities

    1. operate Amazon account independently, maintain good review rate and  credit standing and ensure account safety.
    2. understand or interested in foreign trade e-commerce, management of the designated region to enhance performance;
    3. product info editing and modifying and sales plan design;
    4. Assist the operation manager in daily work with a sense of responsibility.


    1. junior college degree or above, fresh students accepted with CET-6 or Japanese N1;
    2. Team work spirit with cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, honesty, integrity and patience.
    3. Strong service awareness and interpersonal communication and coordination ability.

  • Shanghai. ChinaHome furnishings designer
    Job responsibilities

    1. more than 2 years experience in Japanese market.
    2. creative, active and responsible.
    3. familiar with the Japanese product style, flower style and trend.
    4. good hand drawing ability, color sense and judgement.
    5. timely follow-up with customers, projects, exhibitions with independent design proposals capability;
    6. familiar with proposal from design to the end product.
    7. home textile technologists are preferred.
    8. able to use illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Shanghai. ChinaFactory QC
    Job responsibilities

    1. mass production follow up with factories, material, craft and sample confirmation before production, progress and quality control to ensure timely and qualified delivery.
    2. materials inspection and testing.
    3. proficient in judge the appearance quality with American four-mark standard and provide resolutions accordingly.


    1. 22 to 35 years old with no gender limited.
    2. major in textile or boost over two years experience is preferred.
    3. familiar with fabric inspection, understand fabric structure, four-mark standard inspection and all kinds of tests.
    4. hard working spirit, willingness of to regular inspection at the production line on site. Acceptance of frequent business travel is preferred.

  • Shanghai. ChinaInterns(English, Japanese)

    1. proficient in office software.
    2. at least three days attendance a week.
    3. person with high initiative, learning enthusiasm, courage to try and challenge.
    4. interested in foreign trade business.